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Problem with P2715Q Dell monitor and FirePro W5000, Windows 10 & Solidworks 2016

Question asked by sjl on Mar 24, 2016

I have a windows computer (not sure of the processor) with two monitors on an extended display. The graphics card is an AMD FirePro W5000. One of the displays is a Dell P2715Q set for 3840 X 2160 resolution. The other smaller ASUS works fine. I only use this computer for Solidworks. I recently updated the computer to Windows 10. As soon as I did this Solidworkds became impossible to use on the Dell P2715Q monitor. Every time you click on the Solidworks workspace the space will zoom and you get a succession of zoomed enlarged pieces of the screen. I updated all drivers (AMD and Dell and made sure the computer has the latest patches from Microsoft). My Solidworks consultant is at a loss as well. I am guessing this is an AMD driver issue. I have search everywhere for an answer but no one seems to be reporting it. By the way when I run Solidworks in OpenGL mode it works fine - which points to the driver.