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Installing drivers causing BSOD after Windows logo

Question asked by cwolvb on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by cwolvb

This has been doing my head in since Sunday.  I bought an r9 nano so i could play the new division game.  I installed drivers after getting rid of old using the display driver uninstaller and upon restarting after installing it blue screened after windows logo stating the device driver got stuck in an infinite loop etc.  So into safe mode I went to get rid of them and started googling.  A few others also had a similar problem so I have tried things that they tried.  Now I installed the display driver only - rebooted and managed to play the division all night.  But after shutting the pc down and going on it the nxt day, I get the same error.  Now whatever I try does not seem to work.  I have tried updating the driver through windows, same thing.  I have even tried going bk to a driver 15.7.1 as someone claimed that fixed this problem (may have even said in the release notes)  It boots fine in safe mode and also into windows normally as long as it uses the generic microsoft driver but I need to know if there is something to fix this before I RMA the card.  I am using 2 graphic card riser cables due to my build but I don't think this would have any affect as I have also had the graphics card direct into the motherboard but yields the same results.  Windows is all upto date and I have even formatted hard drive today, fresh install and still same error and bios has been updated too.   I have attached a pic of the BSOD I get but any help is appreciated.




Processor - Intel Core i5 3570K

Motherboard - Gigabye Z77-D3H - rev 1.0 - bios F23b

RAM - 8GB DDR3 (think its Kingston Ballistix)

Graphics - R9 Nano - Powercolor

PSU - Antec Truepower 650

HD - Samsung Evo SSD 500G

Operating System - Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit