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Fix for buggy crossfire support with Tom Clancy's The Division coming anytime soon? (Crimson 16.2.1)

Question asked by gambit2k on Mar 10, 2016
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As you probably know by now crossfire is not working very well in Tom Clancy's The Division. When activated you get alot of blinking textures in the game (mostly when your character is indoors) and also there seems to occur som unsharpness (blurriness). Fiddling with the settings in the division does not fix this, and none of the crossfire modes does either. As it stands the game is totally unplayable with crossfire enabled right now, and on top of that the Crimson drivers won't even let you disable crossfire in the setting. Turning crossfire mode to off does nothing. What you have to do to run the game without crossfire is pressing alt+enter so you go to windowed fullscreen mode (or disabling the second card via the windows device manager, but that is a bit harsh )


So my questions is, will there be any fix for this soon? When a similar glitch like this was discovered for Fallout 1.4 earlier in Februari it took almost a full month for it to be sorted out, and waiting a full month for something that should have been working at launch (and also was stated as working in the crimson release notes) is far to long.


A video of the problem that I recorded can be seen here Gambit2K - @crossfire @division @glitch -




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