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    New r9 390 causing screen flicker/freeze after 10 mins. Once rebooted, computer runs fine all day.


      Hi all, I've got a weird one.

      Just got this r9 390 this week. When i turn my computer on for the first time in a day, it will work fine for ~10 mins before i get some screen flickering and then it freezes and I have to hard reboot. Once I do this, the computer runs just fine. I've tried the latest drivers (16.2.1 hotfix) as well as the previous stable drivers (15.12).

      System specs:

      Windows 10 64bit,

      Intel i5-3350P @3.10GHz

      XFX r9 390 8gb vram (although dxdiag lists "approx total memory: 12243MB")

      8GB ram

      Sharp 1080p tv via HDMI


      Is this card toast? I'm pretty close to getting on the horn to newegg or xfx for a replacement.