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    HD5870 mobility driver needed


      I'm looking after formatting my friend's laptop (ASUS G73JH) and of course... now comes the task of driver updates (the old partition wasn't salvageable).


      Through the AMD site, the most recent catalyst/driver combination for the mobility hd5870 series was attempted and installs all software except the driver FAILS during installation. Excerpt from the report is at the bottom.


      I need assistance finding the most recent stable and install-able version of drivers for this card for Windows 7 x64 SP1. I've tried slews of other sites for older versions but none of them actually contain the drivers themselves and I'm nearly tearing my hair out here....


      Packages for install

      AMD Catalyst Install Manager

      Final Status:Success
      Version of Item:8.0.916.0
      Size:20 Mbytes

      AMD Display Driver

      Final Status:Fail
      Version of Item:15.200.1062.1004
      Size:90 Mbytes

      AMD Drag and Drop Transcoding

      Final Status:Success
      Version of Item:2.00.0000
      Size:1 Mbytes

      AMD Catalyst Control Center

      Final Status:Success
      Version of Item:2015.0804.21.41908
      Size:150 Mbytes