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How to re-enable disable monitors with AMD Catalyst centre

Question asked by nilsbv on Feb 28, 2016



So I am using a tri-monitor set up, and have been using it for seveeral years. The other day I was going to set up my eyefinity 3x1 monitor set up to go play some Elite Dangerous. Normally I use each monitor as their own screen so I guess it would be 1x1x1, but then AMD Catalyst disabled monitor 2 & 3 and now I can not get them back on unless I enable the 3x1 set up.


I can find the monitors through windows 10 settings, they are enabled just not showing. I am assuming it is AMD that is blocking the monitors.

To make things clear I need to set it up to be in a 1x1x1 position instead of a 3x1 position.


Thanks for the help!