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A8-7600 UEFI and idle temperatures.

Question asked by kmwil on Feb 26, 2016
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I recently bought a A8-7600 APU. It has only 65 W of heat generation. My motherboard is Gigabyte G1.Sniper A88X.


When I enter the UEFI, temperature of my APU is rising to about 60 degrees of Celsius in one, maybe two minutes.

I changed the thermal paste, then box cooler to Arctic Alpine 64 GT and the situation persists.


When I installed OS (Debian, 4.3 kernel so everything works), temperature is about 30 degrees (lm-sensors, k15) and this is fine,

frequency is lower of course due to a CPU governor and power management.


So my questions are:
1. Are temperatures ~60C are normal in UEFI? It seems that APU is running at its full capabilities,

four cores at 3100 MHz, maybe that is the reason.

2. Is such temperature rise ratio, 30C/3-4min. normal?


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