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    Why does my Radeon R9 380x not work on my pc?


      Just decided to upgrade my 3 yr old pc and bough a new GPU. And i just cant get it to work at all, even though i got everything plugged in like it should? when i start the pc the fans on the GPU starts but nothing is happening on the screen at all?


      Here is my Pc specs:

      MB1155 gigabyte GA-B75m.D3H

      Intel Core i5-3570 4x3 Ghz

      DDR3-1600 Kingston 4GB HyberX Single mod Ram

      HDS 1000GB seagate/samsung 7200rpm

      Nvidia EVHA GTX660 2GB (2662KR) SuperOC (now changed with Radeon R9 380x)

      PSU RaidMax RX-600AF 80+ Bronze