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Why does my Radeon R9 380x not work on my pc?

Question asked by bluefox on Feb 23, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by goodplay

Just decided to upgrade my 3 yr old pc and bough a new GPU. And i just cant get it to work at all, even though i got everything plugged in like it should? when i start the pc the fans on the GPU starts but nothing is happening on the screen at all?


Here is my Pc specs:

MB1155 gigabyte GA-B75m.D3H

Intel Core i5-3570 4x3 Ghz

DDR3-1600 Kingston 4GB HyberX Single mod Ram

HDS 1000GB seagate/samsung 7200rpm

Nvidia EVHA GTX660 2GB (2662KR) SuperOC (now changed with Radeon R9 380x)

PSU RaidMax RX-600AF 80+ Bronze