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[OpenGL]Artifacts when using an attribute to index into a uniform array

Question asked by allandeutsch on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2016 by allandeutsch

I am working on setting up a batch renderer for a new project, with the goal of being able to batch N objects with up to 32 textures into one draw call. Currently it is only using two textures, both of which are 8x8 32bit png files composed of a single, solid color (either black or white). The hardware I have tested on personally is an R9 280X, however several friends have also tested it on AMD hardware with similar results.

In the frag shader I am trying to use a flat int attribute to index into a uniform sampler2D array so that I can draw the correct texture on each object. I have tested the values of both the textureID and the uv coordinates and am confident they are correct, however making a call to texture() using them results in some severe artifacting which can be seen here. The same code on Intel/Nvidia hardware has the intended output, which can be seen here. I have been trying to figure out what the issue is for quite some time now, and have asked many friends who know OpenGL much better than I do. After a couple days without being able to figure it out, one of them suggested I post on the AMD forums. If anyone is interested in looking at the source code to try to figure out the issue, it is available here.


Any help figuring out the cause of the issue or a solution would be greatly appreciated!


Edited to set source code URL to a specific commit which should reproduce the bug.