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    Amd 8320 o.c. decrease 30-40mhz,is it throttling?


      O.C. Settings:

      Cpu LLC : Ultra

      NB LLC : High

      Cpu current cap : 130%

      Dram: 130%

      Cpu Multiplier : 20x

      Bus Speed: 200mhz

      Ht link/NB Freq : Auto

      Cool&Quiet : Disable

      C1E : Disable

      SVM : Disable

      Core C6 State : Disable

      HPC mode : Enable

      Cpu  Cpectrum : Disable

      Vcore :1.32V

      Max Temp Cpu : 62 Celcius

      Max Temp Vcore1 : 58 Celcius



      So my pc spec are

      amd 8320 4.0@1.3v

      12gb dd3 1600mhz (xmp profile)

      Asus Sabertooth 990Fx R2.0

      Sapphire VGA R9 380v2 Nitro Dual OC 4GB

      Chieftec APS-550S-550w

      Corsair H80 Cpu Cooler



      in any multiplier i set i have decrease of 30-40mhz..

      decrease starts without reach any important temperature..

      so it doesnt have to do with temps..

      is it throttlin? how can i fix it?


      here is a video which i have uploaded

      Throttling Amd 8320 o.c. 100mhz ! - YouTube


      plz help me AMD