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    Radeon Mobility 5000 Series - HDMI port not working under Win10


      Hi guys,


      I just updated my old HP G62 laptop to Win10. I mostly use it as a player for my beamer. The issue is that I don't get any connection between the beamer and the laptop via HDMI.


      So I tried my Samsung TV - no connection as well.


      Windows tells me that I can plug in a second screen via Settings. After ages I found out that Windows is recognizing the VGA port of the onboard Intel graphics card.


      I downloaded the latest drivers and the catalyst control center. But I don't have any display related options in catalyst. So I installed the crimson beta which was suggested on the legacy page.


      Now my laptop shows me a black screen when the Windows lauchner is thru.


      1) Any ideas how I get my onboard display back online without reinstalling windows? And no, I didnt make a system recovery point. Guess I was too trusty in AMD


      2) Any ideas how I can tell Win10 that I have a HDMI port I'd like to use? I guess it's defininetly a problem between AMD and Win10.