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Should i replace the CPU if motherboard is bad?

Question asked by jtl0101 on Jan 25, 2016

I just purchased a new motherboard, cpu, ram, etc to build a new computer. The first thing I tested was to make sure the fans worked properly. The CPU fan worked but CHA_FAN1 did not work. And it also caused a power draw that caused CHA_FAN2/3 whose connections are on the other side of the board and prevented the other two fans from working properly (one just lights up, the other makes a sound like its struggling to spin). I've spoken with ASUS support and already returned the motherboard for replacement.


My question is should I replace the CPU too? Power problems on a motherboard with a new CPU is uncomfortable. I'm not sure how sensitive the CPU is and don't have any equipment to verify the old board didn't cause any problems with it. Even more so I wounder what the power related problems could be that cause a problem with CHA_FAN1 to make CHA_FAN2/3 on the other side of the board malfunction. I figured they were on different headers but forgot to ask ASUS support while on the phone. I'm not sure if I should just wait and put the CPU in the replacement motherboard to see if it's ok or return the CPU for replacement to make sure it doesn't have any problems. It's a FX8320, FX8-core.