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    small area of screen with less dpi


      I have a Sapphire R9 280x Toxic.  Recently during games there is  a small rectangle of lower dpi on my screen-on a 21 inch monitor this looks like about 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inch.   This is with both an HDMI cable and a DVI cable.  Is this a typical symptom of bad memory, bad GPU, bad capacitors or what?  Is there any way of testing the card to determine the source and potential fix for the problem?



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          What OS and AMD driver are you using? I would try using an older/newer driver depending on the driver you are using at the moment.


          If you can provide a picture of screenshot of what you are describing, that would be useful.

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            Thanks for your reply AMDMatt.  I doubted if it was a software issue as I have 3 identical Z800s I've moved the card across and 2 identical R9 280x cards. The problem only occurred on one of the 3 video cards and appeared across all three platforms...but I post the information below because you are right, it should be posted with any question.


            Be that as it may, I did notice that the square of larger pixels moved around between machines so I thought...maybe its the old slightly tarnished gold connector thing on the PCIe buss.  So I reverted to my 1980s technology, got out my pencil eraser and made the gold contacts shine.  Strangely it worked.  So the square went away.


            Thanks again




            R9 software.JPG