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R9 290x lightning overheating

Question asked by tenkista on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2016 by tenkista

So i bought a new PC and it  has the the r9 290x lightning in it and  what i noticed when i start playing games like Cod Advance Warfare,Bf Hardline,Assasins Creed Unity and any other newer game(High-Ultra video setting 1680x1050x),The card overheats when it reaches 70°C+ i get a black screen and have to restart my PC.I have MSI afterburner instaled and MSI VGA fan control.My GPU drivers version is Crimson 15.12.


Sometimes the GPU doesent overheat i check the temperatures and they go from 55-65°C when playing and sometimes they go up its like the fans sometimes work and sometimes they dont but i definetly can hear them spining.