Overclocking XFX 260x

Discussion created by humanwreckage on Jan 12, 2016
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Hello I have been searching and not found an answer so hoping to get some valid responses here!  I have a XFX r7 260x Double D 2gb R7-260X-CDFR and can not find much even on this version of the card not less overclocking it.  When I try through AMD Overdrive I can increase the gpu core and power limit.  I can decrease the memory from its default speed of 1600mhz but can not overclock it at all.


So my questions are why can I not push the memory overclock any higher?  I've seen other versions of the 260x having the memory pushed up to 1800mhz.  I have tried using of course Overdrive, MSI Afterburner, Asus GPU Tweak, and sapphire trixx.  The only program that allowed me to adjust the memory slider higher than default is Trixx but almost immediately the speed would be shown back to normal.


Next question is if you have overclocked this card at all how did it go for you?


My motherboard is ASUS M2N68-AM Plus and I have no options for video oc other than pci-e overclock.  Thanks!