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Crossfire Issues

Question asked by darkeon666 on Jan 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2016 by darkeon666

Hi all,


I just bought an HD 7950 in order to mix it with my current R9 280.

In Crimson/CCC everything looks fine, launched Unigine Valley several times, it results in very good improvement (45 fps -> 85 fps), but IMPOSSIBLE to play any game!!!


Most of games just crash at launch (CS GO, Diablo 3, Rocket League...). Maybe only 'cause they don't really support crossfire?

But the problem is with very heavy game for which i decide to realize that crossfire:

     -Dying Light: if anti-aliasing is ON, i can see models (like tree, or buildings) starting to shake continuously

                          sometimes (very ofter when looking at luminous area, or sun rays) my screen start to sparkle and i can see black line (like when you have tearing)

     -Witcher 3: with anti-aliasing or/and Hairworks ON, distant models (or models using Hairworks) are shaking (+ micro-stuttering but i think it's pretty "normal")

     -GTA V: anti-aliasing seems to be OFF even when I manually put it ON



I tried everything, full clean of ATI drivers/software, switch GPU, flash firmware...

Are those issues known (i've found nothing on this forum / google)? Is that normal that most of games just refuse to launch when crossfire is enabled? Did i missed something?


Thanks for your time (and forgive my bad english ).