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    6 hdmi eyefinity w600 flickering


      I have a 2x3 display wall (all hdmi inputs). current using w600 card and eyefinitely screens was flicking crazy (6 x mDp to hdmi adaptor).

      any recommend solution to power 6 x hdmi eyefinitely monitors?




      our setup is win7 with latest driver. 1920x1080 in all our configs.

      card config is; card -> mini dp to hdmi passive adaptor -> hdmi to hdmi cable -> nec 46 inch slim benzel monitor

      i heard that if using hdmi inputs only supports two actived monitors.  so can i do this setup:  card->mini dp to dvi passive adaptor -> dvi to hdmi cable -> monitor  to supports 6 monitors.



      FYI, I never have this problem in our old setup when using 6 monitors (Samsung 46 inch monitor) with all dvi inputs.    card->mini dp to dvi passive adaptor -> dvi to dvi cable -> monitor