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cpu dead or mobo dead

Question asked by jbackbier on Jan 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by tomtalk24

So my CPU fan started to give out. My temp monitor of my cpu started spiking and PC BSOD (or the win10 equivalent) more often on some IRQ issue or not. Usually shortly thereafter it would run again.

I had a corsair liquid fan (H80 i believe) and i think i might have damaged the cpu when I removed it. I put everything back in and hooked everything back up with a new liquid fan. The unit with the fan cases of the corsair where completely clogged (maintenance lacking on my end) so I can imagine its ability to cool had degraded.


Anyway now the machine won't boot up. PSU is a few months old as are the graph cards. I rotated the memory chips and using any of the 4 in the 1st slot solo didn't do anything. All the fans come up sans graph card which twitch on occasaion but no image is being generated so I can imagine they dont need to do anything as the GPU's aren't used much. Various leds on teh mobo show as well as those on fans and what not. Also that tell-tale beep doesn't happen either. I hear the HDD spin for a bit but after a minute or so everything is quiet. The case and cpu fans run silently but nothing else.


I've read a bunch of articles on this online and the PSU is both pretty new at 3 months it is a 1000 Antec PSU and I use maybe 700. Mobo is the 990FX sabertooth and the CPU is the Phenom II 1060T Thuban 6-core.  Both of which have been running pretty steadily since the summer of 2010. PC really is only off-off when I'm on vacation otherwise it is either on or in power-save mode.


Before i replace either or both comp's I'd like to know if there is a good way to test what is failing? I don't have a spare mobo for the CPU nor a spare CPU for this mobo.