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Latest AMD driver 15.3 breaks DK2.

Question asked by contrabardus on Jan 1, 2016

What the title says.


I have Windows 10 and that's probably part of the problem, but this is definitely an issue with the latest AMD drivers specifically, because rolling back from Crimson 15.3 to Catalyst Control Center Beta 15.1 immediately fixes the problem. My DK2 immediately works perfectly again as soon as the old drivers are installed.


The latest AMD drivers turn my DK2 into an expensive paperweight. It doesn't even recognize it as a display.


I get the HMD not connected error immediately upon installing it and have tried again and again to fix it with no results.


Things that don't work: Rolling back the DK2 runtime to 0.7, switching to Win 8 compatibility mode, reinstalling the Oculus runtime, reinstalling the AMD drivers, [yes, I uninstall the drivers before reinstalling them, that isn't it either], plugging the Rift into different USB ports, and messing with any of the settings in the control center or Oculus Config does nothing. The config doesn't actually have any settings that can be adjusted while the HMD is not being detected.


I have a DK2 with the latest up to date runtime, a Radeon HD 7970 GHz ed. Two actually, but I'm not running crossfire. Yes, I have checked this several times. I am aware that crossfire does not play well with VR.


Can we expect a fix for this soon? I'm kind of stuck with the old drivers until this is worked out because I use my DK2 pretty frequently and it's annoying because the Crimson drivers do run some of my games a little better than the one I'm currently using does. However nice that is, it doesn't trump being able to use VR, so until this is fixed I'm kind of stuck.


A workaround for my problem would be nice as I'd like to have the performance improvements crimson offers and be able to actually use my HMD at the same time. Anyone who has a solution please chime in.