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AMD Radeon driver update has made framerate terrible! (Windows 8.1)

Question asked by somebodystumbled on Dec 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by somebodystumbled

On Windows 8.1 I was having issues with an immediate CTD with Fallout 4: the online advise indicating that updating the graphics driver for the AMD Radeon R9 200 series would solve this problem.


It indeed did: but since the installation of the update I have noticed a couple of problems.


The update uninstalled AMD Catalyst Control Center and installed a few new programs, such as AMD Settings.


The top resolution on the Sharp Aquos lcd television I am using with the PC no longer fits everything on screen (e.g. the start menu is half obscured). The fix for this is simple: just drop the resolution.


However, a problem with no obvious fix is the introduction of significant motion blur due to a sharp decrease in picture refresh rate. This is particularly noticeable in web based video; some of which have so much motion blur as to be impossible to look at. Motion blur is less noticeable in other environments (such as office programs, the operating system, video games) but is still present.

The refresh rate of the screen both before and after the update is 60 Hertz. I also updated the Intel Graphics Adapter hoping this may solve the issue, but it has had no noticeable effect.

Any advise would be appreciated to attempt to solve this problem as it is causing some eye strain.