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Crossfire Issues with Crimson

Question asked by koobs on Dec 26, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by t77chevy

Hello all! For Christmas I acquired my second R9 390 and im super stoked. One 390 gave tremendous performance but having a second is awesome. So anyway I put it in and run some 3dmark to see the improvement. To my surprise it wasn't much. In GTA V I am also seeing horrible performance. Worse than a single card. So I search around the settings and make sure crossfire is on (it is). I turn on the msi afterburner OSD to check my core clock and usage during the tests. To my surprise the cards are running at 750-850mhz the whole time. They are not hitting their 1025mhz stock core. This is a problem because I am losing a ton of performance due to this. I try installing the old catalyst drivers and to my surprise it fixed the issue right away. I do my 3dmark test and see a huge improvement, and the OSD reads the cards running at the 1025mhz stock core. But in GTA V the issue of running at 750-850mhz is still persistent. I know GTA V has bad crossfire support but I don't think it should stop my cards from running at their stock clocks. With a single card enabled only it runs fine at the stock clock and no issues. So what I'm trying to get at is why is this happening in Crimson but not catalyst for some programs, and why are my cards going down to 750-850 in GTA V regardless of the driver? Throughout all this the cards have not hit their thermal limit (I believe it is 93 degrees?). I would just like some help and possible insight for all this. Thanks so much and happy holidays!