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I cannot get my 3 monitors set up! I need help

Question asked by zargothius on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by amdmatt

I cannot get my third monitor to display.


I have 2 HP 27xw connected on the monitor through the HDMI port and on the video card's miniDisplay ports without an adapter.

I have 1 Samsung SyncMaster SA550 connected through and HDMI cable to the HDMI on the video card.


I can get any combination of 2 monitors to work but never the third using the windows settings.  And using the Radeon software I can only get 2 monitors recognized at a time.


I have also tried using a VGA cable on the monitors connected through a DVI adapter.  Any combination of cables will allow 2 monitors but never the third to save.


I have a Radeon 7970 graphics card.


Please help