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    gta v high cpu and stopping game


      i5-3330 cpu 3.00 ghz - 3,20 ghz

      8gb ram

      windows 7 64 bit

      amd R9 200 2 GB 256 bits


      Gta v high cpu and stopping game


      new graphic card,,,  thinking

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          Could you please be a little more detailed?

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              15 inc monitor and 600 watts power supply

                             GTA V   crashes and high CPU                  freeze game

              gta V for amd R9 200 2 GB 256 bits,,  good or Not good    reply want   



              How to fix gta V ?       new graphic card?

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              gta 5 is a cpu bound game , if your cpu is staying locked 95-100% utilization the try turning down all advance options and if that isn't enough then turn down view distance and population ect " the green sliders under normal graphics settings . if that doesn't resolve your issue then more information is needed

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                What does the Event Viewer state at the time of the crash?

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                  Before begins game and normally play game,,, after freeze and  go out off  exit game

                  15 inc monitor

                  950 gb HDD

                  C disk 244 gb windows for have,,, D disk 221gb gta V for have


                  amd-catalyst-15.10beta-64bit-win10-win8.1-win7-oct12  Latest Beta Driver..... ─░nstall

                  amd-catalyst-15.7.1-sb-sata-ahci-win10-win8.1-win7 AMD Chipset Drivers....... ─░nstall


                  graphic card settings . error(red) warning message


                  gigabyte motherboard driver  not install


                  Problem signature:

                    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

                    Application Name: GTA5.exe

                    Application Version: 1.0.350.1

                    Application Timestamp: 5540c256

                    Fault Module Name: GTA5.exe

                    Fault Module Version: 1.0.350.1

                    Fault Module Timestamp: 5540c256

                    Exception Code: c0000005

                    Exception Offset: 000000000141ccdc

                    OS Version: 6.1.7601.

                    Locale ID: 1055

                    Additional Information 1: fab5

                    Additional Information 2: fab51ff0faeca171fbf6ae4e7ad0164b

                    Additional Information 3: 9a25

                    Additional Information 4: 9a251d9f8ae085bf6e442d014edb6beb



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                    Since the GTA V game patch released on the 15th of December there have been many reports of game stuttering and stalls.