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72 hours and counting PLEASE HELP!!!

Question asked by artraxus on Dec 13, 2015

Hello, this is my first post on this forum. I just purchased a Sapphire R9 390 Nitro OC'ed w/backplate off I was super exited when it arrived but after 3 days of trying to get this card operating any where near where it is advertised the excitement has started to fade. Before I continue here are my system specs...

motherboard = Gigabyte 990fxa ud3 rev.4

CPU = AMD 8350FX @ 4.0 Ghz

RAM = Corsair XMS3 16 Gigs (2x8) @ 1600

PSU = Corsair TX750 80+ bronze 750 watt

SSD = Kingston 240 gig

HDD = 1 TB 7200rpm

GPU = Sapphire R9 390 Nitro

OS = Win 7 ultimate sp1

2 screen setup with a 1080p monitor as primary and a 1600x900 as a secondary


Here is my issue. In the global over clocking settings, under fan speed control, the system default is set to off(auto). Which is what I would like it to be set at. But when my system wakes from sleep, boots from shut down, or restarts the aforementioned fan setting are changed to "ON" and the fan speed is set to what ever the last user setting was. The first time this happened My last user setting was 0 because I had not set one and the fans were locked at 0. I then manually set the fan speed at 45%, clicked apply and the fans turned on at 45%. Then I clicked to turn the setting back to auto and clicked apply. At this point if my system boots or reboots the settings are set back to on and the fans run at a constant 45%. It does not matter where my comp was booted from, sleep, hibernation, or all the way off the effect is still the same. I do not want to run the fans at 45% all of the time, or even at a set speed.


Then there is the bug with the displayport to DVI cable causing dark areas of the screen (from med greys to blacks) having some kind of display corruption on my primary monitor. Random pixels flash green for less than a second and then go back to normal. This seems to be at random but only within regions of dark color. I believe this to be a problem with that cable and that monitor and not the card.... I hope. I can use a DVI cable or an HDMI cable with out issue with my primary monitor and I can use that displayport cable with the secondary monitor without the artifacts.


Also the performance of this card on some of these benchmarks is not what has been reported. FurMark and Haven scores are not what they should be. Frame rates seem lower than reported.


Someone please help!!!