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    AMD driver will NOT install. Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, has taken over.


      Hey guys,


      The driver refuses to install, when it reaches 2% it immediately goes to a 100% and says it has installed. (but it clearly has not)

      When i go to my system, it says that Microsoft Basic Display Adapter is my current driver.


      My specs:

      Windows 10, 64 bit

      AMD radeon r9 270x

      (i think this is all you need to know)


      What i have tried:

      - Reinstalling the whole computer and installing drivers from cd (does not work).

      - Trying different drivers, even manually installing the right one does not work.

      - Disabling the internet and anti-virus while installing

      - Using DDU and doing a clean install

      - Updating windows

      - Installing another driver (Nvidea) from a cd, it worked, but now i have a Nvidea driver that doesnt do me any good.


      I think i didnt forget to mention anything, but i have tried everything! and it just wont work!


      I would appreciate any help!!