Video Of Crimson Issues A Lot Of People Are Having

Discussion created by thefuzz1542 on Dec 4, 2015

     So I recently got the new Crimson driver and I was really looking forward to it. I was a little worried when I found a lot of people in game and forums talking about the number of issues they were having but I decided to give it a shot anyway and see for my self what happens. Well, just installing it proved to be an issue as well as uninstalling it. The program would completely lock up and become unresponsive on both install and uninstall, so when I reverted back to the 15.11 Beta I ended up using the AMD Clean UP Utility to completely wipe out all the AMD stuff. Even though the actual driver itself is 15.11 for some reason in 3D applications it seems to have issues that the 15.11 Beta was not giving me. Also the UI would keep me from adjusting my fan control. I would turn off Auto and try to adjust the fans to 70-80% and every time I would hit apply, it would reset my settings to default. Any way check out my video here, I did not make this video in any way to bash AMD or the software team. I love AMD and I understand that this is still new software and there will always be issues with new stuff. I want this video to be viewed more as an example of issues currently happening so they can more effectively be worked on instead of just going by people descriptions. AMD is love, AMD is Life