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constant crashing seconds after starting game. a10-7870k   r7-370 4GB   windows 10 x64

Question asked by jsa83 on Dec 1, 2015
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I'm sending this because I am getting pretty annoyed here.


My build:

asus a88xm-plus (latest firmware:2701 I believe)

a10-7870k(latest chipset drivers, redownloaded today), not overclocked

Saphire r7-370 4GB (latest beta crrimson drivers, downloaded today)

8GB DDR3 kingston Hyperx memory (supporting 2400Mhz with latest bios but left it at 2133Mhz, xmp profile 2, just to be sure)

Samsung evo SSD 250GB

WD Red 1TB for storage

Seasonic Premium 660W PSU (used to be 550W but I swapped to be sure)





Every single game makes the PC hang after mere seconds, lowering the resolution seems to delay this by a few seconds, a minute at most. not playing games, its all good.

The GPU was a recent upgrade, before the IGPU used to work great.

Already tried upgrading PSU as u saw and also tried windows 10 diagnostic boot, no success.


Please help