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Notebook Dell Inspiron 5000 with R7 M265 video card locking in every game.

Question asked by 1919eternal on Nov 26, 2015

From what I understand AMD's driver updates end up with my game, simply because the video card does not work and the games do not recognize! CS: GO crashes as hell, is not how to play, in a step the game crashes.


Tested with skyrim, shadow of mordor, mirror's edge ... all game crashes!!


Now, if I install the Dell updates the game is good, but the Dell updates are old compared to AMD who updated this month (11/2015). Just do not know what to do, Skyrim does not recognize the AMD board only Intel ...'m giving this machine already. And look that is almost new this notebook has 7 months of use.


System: Windows 10 Home x64


CPU: Intel i5 2.3Ghz

Video Card: R7 M265

Video Card Driver: Lastest Crimsom Driver (15.300.1025.0)


Print 01:

Print 02:

Print 03 (Skyrim):


If someone is going through it and / or know the solution, please !!!