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freesync doesn't work on my LG29um67

Question asked by arcanekitten on Nov 25, 2015



so i recently purchased a LG 29um67-p which is very nice and in the beginning everything was fine but after a while i got this error from my CCC that says something about my DP cable not correctly connected.

and after that my freesync doesn't work anymore.

it is enabled in the menu of the screen but it doesn't show up as a option in the CCC panel anymore.


I am able to run my screen at 75hz still and other than my freesync not working there is no other problem but i can't fix it, i've tried to reinstall my gpu, reseating the dp cable, reinstalling my amd drivers to multiple versions but still with no result.

is there a known bug/problem for this ? and also anything i would need to try ?


also here are some important specs for this issue


MSI R9 290 twin frozr.

Lg 29um67-p

mid-range DP cable

running the latest beta drivers (15.11) but tried the non-beta drivers to but with no luck.