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Windows 10 AMD 4:3 Stretched

Question asked by metachen on Nov 25, 2015

I know there are a lot of discussions about this already. But im hella mad right now.

I installed Windows 10 four months ago and noticed fast that i cant play anygame stretched with a 4:3 Resolution.

I looked up many Support threads and couldn't find any answer how to solve it, I only found a Statement which says that ist a problem with Windows 10.

But in my opinion ist not a problem with Windows 10, ist a problem with the amd Driver cause every issue is fixed if you run your Windows 10 with an amd Driver for Windows 8.1.

But thats not a solution forever because it brings too many issues with it.

However i tried every single driver for Windows 10 with 0 success.


For people with the same issue: Install a Windows 8.1 driver (Version 14...)

If someone knows a fix for the newer drivers please let me know.



PS: I wish all of you good luck solving this issue. You will Need it because its seems  like AMD does not give a **** about this.