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an "AMD catalyst API driver" called "svatid.exe" which loads on startup is causing my GPU's temperature to rise up by 30-40 degrees. does anyone know what it's for??

Question asked by myco on Nov 21, 2015

its the first time i've seen it thru "TASK MANAGER" under the "processes" section.  When i end this process my temperature goes back down to normal.and my commputer seems to be working fine after i've ended it. I've tried playing games and played movies and pretty much anything that uses the GPU and they work just fine without that API driver, but still i could be wrong.


again under task manager/processes its image filename is SVATID.EXE. Does anyone know what this API driver is for? i might've acquired it from installing the new beta driver.  thank you in advance for any help/info on the matter.