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    Firepro W7100 disconnect from monitor at about 91°C?


      Received a retail W7100 earlier today.Problems are found during testing.


      When I used furmark to stress GPU for the stability test,the temperature slowly increased to about 91°C,then the fan suddenly accelerated to full speed for about 0.5 seconds,with black screen occurred at the same time.The monitor can't receive any signal before a full reset of the system was done,re-plugging and plugging it to a different port won't help.The same problem occurs when running SPECviewperf 12.


      I was using the latest firepro driver at first,and have tried some old versions as well.My OS is win7.And the 500w PSU has no problem because I overclocked and stress-tested a R9 290x lightning with it.


      The problem occurs quite precisely when the temperature reaches 90-92°c.


      Any Ideas?Thanks.

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          Please don't use Furmark, it is not a realistic method of testing a graphics card. All it does is place a large amount of pressure of the GPU and shorten its lifespan.


          If you want to test a graphics card for stability, please just use it to play demanding Direct 11 games, or even benchmarks such as Firestrike or Unigine Heaven.


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              Thanks for the reply,but I thought firepro should withstand any stress in it's designated ambient condition on a compatible system for at least 3 years...


              The problem also occurs in SPECviewperf 12.Black screen occurs on the half way so it can't complete the tests.Same thing happens when playing star wars : battlefront 2 for about 20 minutes as well.