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    Second display port not working




      I recently installed an AMD FirePro w2100 graphics card in my computer which is running windows 7. I have 2 monitors which are connected to the card with 2 Display Port to DVI adapters. Only the monitor which is connected to the primary display port shows anything, however windows does recognize that there is a second monitor connected. I have connected each monitor to the primary display port individually and they both work separately, it just seems to be the second display port output or windows interpretation of it which seems to be at fault.

      I have been going through forums and trying every possible solution for the last three days and nothing seems to work... If I could get some help with this it would be much appreciated?

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          Maybe try uninstalling CCC, use Ccleaner and Autoruns to delete AMD reg entries. Try install again, hope this helps.

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            I can't find any definitive information on how many clock sources the card has, so I'm going to guess that it has one dedicated clock for Dual Mode DisplayPort emulation of DVI/HDMI, and one for DisplayPort sources. 


            That would mean that you can only connect one DVI/HDMI display with a passive adapter.  You'd need an active adapter to connect a second.


            If you're able to use the second DP connection successfully by itself, that would support my guess.


            Active DP adapters for Single Link DVI speeds (roughly speaking, anything up to 1920x1200 @60Hz) are priced in the ~$20 to ~$30 range (such as this and this).  If the monitor you're trying to connect is larger, and requires Dual Link DVI, then you're looking at closer to ~$100 (such as this).