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M260 weird behaviour

Question asked by holdybeer on Nov 6, 2015
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I own a hp pavilion 15 p006 with the following specifications

CPU: AMD a8-6410 APU with amd r5 graphics (4cpus) 2.00-2.40 ghz


Dedicated GPU: AMD r7 m260 2gb vram

OS: Windows 10 clean install

Catalyst: 15.201.1101-150806a-188821c-HP

BIOS version: F.43


I had win 8.1 and upgraded to 10 when it was released, some time later i installed Dragonball Xenoverse and noticed that when i choose "high performance" profile in the catalyst menu the game was extremely slow, loading screens, fights, everything, and when i changed the profile to "power saving" the game was fast, no freezings, but still bad framerate cause it was using the integrated video card. Yesterday i decided to do a clean windows 10 install downloading all the drivers from the HP website but the problem stills there.


I searched a lot through the internet to fix this but didn't find anything so i decided to post it here, i hope i have explained myself well.


Thanks and goodbye