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Using driver version 14.12 or 14.9 for 390

Question asked by kanade_ on Nov 1, 2015

Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to install 14.12 or 14.9 for my current Sapphire 390 card?


I was told that that there won't be any problems using these drivers for 300 series except for showing incorrect information (i.e showing 290 instead of 390).

However I just want to double confirm before I proceed as I feel like I might stuff up the system with these drivers.


FYI, I'm trying to diagnose the cause of the black flashes during video playback (via media player) which using the latest drivers (15.7.1 and 15.10 beta) did not fixed the problem. Before I try something else, I'd like to downgrade to the previous stable drivers hence the reason why I mentioned 14.12/14.9.


Thank you and I appreciate your help.