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    My pc won't boot with my new r9 390 installed?


      I have just purchased a new gigabyte r9 390 g1 gaming to upgrade from my HD7970 however my pc won't boot into windows if it is in the pc. I removed the old drivers and installed the new ones but it will not boot if the new card is in the pc. I can plug the old card back in and it works fine again. Also if I have the new card installed I can't even run windows through onboard graphics or in safe mode it just goes to the 'loading operating system' screen then resets. Im running a i7 2700K in a GA-Z68XP-UD3 with an 850 watt PSU. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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          Download the AMD drivers for your operating system and save to your desktop. Use steps 1-5 to manually find them...do not use 'automatic find and install. With the old card installed, express uninstall all AMD software including the install manager using "uninstall a program" in the computer control panel. Reboot in to safe mode. Run DDU and remove all AMD remnants....but choose to turn off computer (not restart) when the cleaning is finished. Remove the old graphics card. Install the new graphics card. Boot the computer and install the new drivers. Reboot.


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              I got it working last night. The process above would not have worked as the computer would not boot with the new card inserted regardless of the drivers being removed. What I did was disable the boot fail in bios. The option is something like 'boot fail on all errors, accept keyboard' or something like that. If you change it to 'no errors' or an option where it boots regardless of errors, it allows the system to boot so you can install the drivers as normal. Hope this helps someone else out there.

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