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Fx 9590 problem with MSI 990FXA Gaming MB

Question asked by zaxc on Oct 23, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by ssscalatius

For starts, sorry for my english.


-My problem is that the 9590 (NOT OC) frezees the pc, let's see all components all compatible (msi fxa990 MB, liquid cooling Corsair H80, psu Corsair rm1000, msi gtx960 4GB...). Pc runs for some minutes (20 more or less, and in games with 9590 just after screen load on ultra settings its instant freeze) on FB or twitter and freezes randomly. Not restart just freeze, the screen the keyboard everything, fans keep running...


Any of this happends with my other processor the 8320E its completly stable and OC.

-By the way tempreture doesn't get higher than 50º cpu, and mb around 40-45 (FX9590 NOT OVERCLOCKED)

MB bios is updated...


-Many options on bios are in grey and can't change them with FX9590 (for OC or under clock), the cpu ratio it's fixed on auto and cant be changed (X23.5)


Is it dicarted that the processor its malfunctioning? Cause it works (with a freeze but still works)


Hope someone can help me with this...