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    Fx 9590 problem with MSI 990FXA Gaming MB


      For starts, sorry for my english.


      -My problem is that the 9590 (NOT OC) frezees the pc, let's see all components all compatible (msi fxa990 MB, liquid cooling Corsair H80, psu Corsair rm1000, msi gtx960 4GB...). Pc runs for some minutes (20 more or less, and in games with 9590 just after screen load on ultra settings its instant freeze) on FB or twitter and freezes randomly. Not restart just freeze, the screen the keyboard everything, fans keep running...


      Any of this happends with my other processor the 8320E its completly stable and OC.

      -By the way tempreture doesn't get higher than 50º cpu, and mb around 40-45 (FX9590 NOT OVERCLOCKED)

      MB bios is updated...


      -Many options on bios are in grey and can't change them with FX9590 (for OC or under clock), the cpu ratio it's fixed on auto and cant be changed (X23.5)


      Is it dicarted that the processor its malfunctioning? Cause it works (with a freeze but still works)


      Hope someone can help me with this...

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          Hi Cristo Valchev,


          Please can you provide more information about your system specifications, Motherboard used etc?

          What Operating System are you using?


          How much memory are you using?


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            one of 2 things first you mobo isn't up for that CPU or remove the turbo in the bios

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                I would have to concur. I do not see that motherboard listing any sort of support for such a high wattage CPU. In fact, I see the opposite.


                Listed on MSI's Website when you click on compatibility:

                Due to the high TDP, please be noted there are limitations while using those CPU:(i.e. special thermal required..

                  FX-9370(FD9370FHW8KHK, 4.4GHz, 8C, L3:8M, 220W,rev.C0,AM3+)

                  FX-9590(FD9590FHW8KHK, 4.7GHz, 8C, L3:8M, 220W,rev.C0,AM3+)


                I'm sorry to tell you, but as someone who's tried it, the H80 isn't sufficient enough for the FX-9370, let alone the FX-9590. You can try to stress the board by using a more suitable cooling solution, or you can try switching to a board that officially supports those high TDP chips and configure them appropriately (e.g. turn OFF C6 state and take the time to find the lowest stable voltage - since voltage=heat, setting to the lowest stable will help with mitigating the thermal output). Also... update your BIOS (if applicable); they usually later add support for higher-end CPUs once they stabilize the rest of the BIOS.


                The ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z, GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD7, and ASRock 990FX Extreme9 are the only three motherboards that I've ever heard of having 100% compatibility with these CPUs.

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                Bios is updated like I mentioned. And the CPUs 9390 and 9590 are listed as supported with the updated bios. And I don't see any temperature problem, as I said doesn't even exceed 50º


                OS WIN10 x64, Memory Hyperx savage 16G 1866 (1600), MB MSI 990FXA Gaming, Corsair H80, psu Corsair rm1000, MSI gtx960 4GB

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                    that mobo is the problem , that temp they are referring to is the vrm " that's the power phase which supplies power to the cpu ", I have several friends who use that mobo and for just a 8350 they add fans to the vrm to keep them from getting to hot and dropping vcore.


                    those mobos with so called 9xxx series support block out the oc features  as they really cant supply power at the factory clocks .


                    I personally use an asrock 990fx extreme 9 and highly recommend it .

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                        I guess if you can't change overclock settings, then that means that the vcore is locked, as well... so finding the lowest stable voltage is out of the question. This pretty much means that support of said chips is nil. You can try some exotic cooling on the VRMs, but there's little point when it wasn't ever designed to do what you're trying to do in the first place.

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                      But is listed as supported for MSI 990FXA GAMING MB, even I had to flash the bios to make it work in first place

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                          I am running the same MSI 990FXA Gaming MB with a FX-9590.  My setup is equipped with MSI R9 390, 16GB (2x8GB) Corsair Vengeance. BIOS version 1.3 (updated thru live update just today).  With BIOS v1.2 running for some 1.5 months prior and v1.1 before that.  With all these versions of BIOS, none of them actually allows customized overclocking. The firmware does it automatically up to 5GHz.


                          I have already heard on the internet forums that my MoBo + GPU choice is a nightmare for Windows 10. Forums reported that this CPU and GPU set up randomly freezes or the BSOD would appear.  Some reported freezing or BSOD in 10-30 minutes, some say when they are playing games, and some while streaming from video sites. Some, like me, were experiencing a BSOD some 2.5 day-interval (leaving PC continuously running). The BSOD is primarily an OS issue and the freezing could be both OS and Hardware.  Recent updated to Win10 build 10586 and AMD Crimson 15.1.2 BSOD hasn't shown up for 4 days now.



                          One item I did through all these updates is maintaining the DRAM setting in check. I believe this tweek might help you somewhat.  Every time the BIOS is updated, it reset all parameters to default.  The Corsair Vengeance RAM (2133 MHz) I use is specified with 11-11-11-27.  So with the OC section of the BIOS I manually set the DRAM Freq to the to match the Corsair's 2133 and set the timing mode to LINK (since I only have one channel anyway). Then set Advance DRAM config to the 11-11-11-27. I set command rate at 2T. This PC setup is stable with 2T. With 1T I have BSOD in less than 3 minutes.  Like I said before, with Win10 and AMD's latest update, It has been 4.5 days now and, for the time being, I am keeping fingers crossed.



                          I run my PC 365-7-24.  This PC had serves me as a heater in the past 2 colder months.  Note that it is HOT and it's capable of maintaining a 12'x13' room @ 68 degF without additional source of heat. Three months ago, I had a Cooler Master Nepton 240 liquid cooling system and it wasn't adequate. While playing Sniper Elite III, the air through the radiator was as hot as a 1800w hair dryer at high heat and experience a thermal shutdown once.  I have since upgraded to a much more robust Alphacool 360 liquid cooling system.  In other words, beware of heat once your PC stabilize.