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one graphics two audio output

Question asked by bedencic on Oct 16, 2015
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EDIT: New problem, when i boot computer with both connections active there is no picture on either of them, i must plug one out of tv, that other one is working. Is this problem occouring because both connections are made to one display?


I have HD5450 graphics and two connections from it. Both connections are to 1 TV set 1st one directly, 2nd one through AV receiver (i have latest catalyst control center and drivers installed on WIN 10)

1st DVI --> HDMI on tv set 2.0

2nd HDMI --> HDMI to yamaha audio receiver 5.1 --> HDMI to tv set


When both cables are connected, sound is working only on 1st connection.

Is it possible to configure somehow that  sound would work on both connections...When I would switch to 1st connection 2.0 sound would work, and when i would switch to 2nd connection 5.1 sound would work...


Tnx for hlp