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    one graphics two audio output




      EDIT: New problem, when i boot computer with both connections active there is no picture on either of them, i must plug one out of tv, that other one is working. Is this problem occouring because both connections are made to one display?


      I have HD5450 graphics and two connections from it. Both connections are to 1 TV set 1st one directly, 2nd one through AV receiver (i have latest catalyst control center and drivers installed on WIN 10)

      1st DVI --> HDMI on tv set 2.0

      2nd HDMI --> HDMI to yamaha audio receiver 5.1 --> HDMI to tv set


      When both cables are connected, sound is working only on 1st connection.

      Is it possible to configure somehow that  sound would work on both connections...When I would switch to 1st connection 2.0 sound would work, and when i would switch to 2nd connection 5.1 sound would work...


      Tnx for hlp

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          I love Yamaha receivers myself , the easiest way of doing this is simply hdmi to receiver , receiver hdmi output " one with a bypass mode is ideal , most Yamaha have this feature" to your tv input .this will allow the receiver to play the 5.1 audio and your tv to get the image with one simple hdmi connection from pc .


          the hdmi bypass " assuming your model has it " allows a hdmi device through the receiver even when power is off so it doesn't have to be on to use your tv with your pc .