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vista 32bit black screen on boot

Question asked by jawollam on Oct 11, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2015 by goodplay

I have a HP Palvion running Vista 32 bit RAID (2 (300 gig Drives)) desktop PC running a NEW AMD Radeon R7 200 graphics card (driver version 13.251-131206a-165822c-ATI).

The PC processor is a INTEL core2 CPU.

NOTE 2 digital Monitors


The first time I cold boot system I get a black screen for a period of time.

Then I am able to login and everything is ok but this is a sometimes a long process of turning off/on monitor(s).

Note I have tried 1 monitor which has same problem logging in and after login it takes a process of sinking the other monitor by changing display settings which works after a period of time.

After this is working I can turn off PC and turn it on and everything is WORKING OK until I leave the PC off for a  day then need to repeat the above process.