Radeon HD5450 maximum temperature

Discussion created by fonon on Sep 27, 2015
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I'm using multi-system pc with linux (3 different distributions, mostly pclinux os) and windows 7 OS installed (all 64-bit). The graphic card is ASUS Radeon HD5450 512MB DDR2/64b (passive cooling). Sometimes the linux os hangs up, a few minutes after start (never significantly sooner or later). The same problem occurs with all linux operating systems installed, but windows works fine and newer hangs up. After system hangs up, I can't restart it (mb bios indicates an error of graphic system by beep code), but I still can start other linux and windows os. After this all linux os work properly (until the next hang up occurs).

I noticed a small difference in temperature of graphic processor in windows and linux. The temperature in windows is lower, usually equal 51-53C while in linux - 56C or higher. In summer, the problems have intensified, and temperature in linux was close to 60C.

Is it possible that the problem described above is temperature-related? What is maximum temperature of Radeon HD5450 required for stable operation?