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There are currently no settings that can be configured using amd catalyst control center?

Question asked by xgruby91x on Sep 23, 2015

Hello, to the point.

I upgrade today my amd drivers from 15.6Beta to 15.7.1 after that my ccc dosen't work. Before the update everything work perfectly, now wen i tried open CCC i get message from topic tittle...


I have:

AMD A8-6600K with 8570D graphics

8GB ram

Windows 8.1 Pro (System is up to date with update 3 and all misrosoft patches. I updated him yesterday)


Steps which i do to repair this:

Remove all AMD drivers and programs by standard uninstaller "AMD Catalyst Install Manager"

Additional cleaning with "Display Driver Uninstaller" & "AMD clean uninstall utility" programs

Remove driver from device manager

Remove manually all ATI/AMD folders from App Data/Local & Roaming

Naturally couple of times reset system

And finally reinstal Catalyst 15.7.1


Effect? Non... The problem as he was so.

Nowhere on the internet have not found a solution to this problem that could to help me so I write here, pls help.


PS: Sory for my bad english i some places but im Pole.