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    290x Crossfire Sound Problems


      My setup

      ASUS P9X79 Intel X79 Soket 2011 DDR3 2400MHz (O.C.) SATA 3.0 Usb 3.0

      SAPPHIRE R9 290 TRI-X, 4 GB, PCIExp, DDR5, 512 bit, 1000/5200(X2)

      EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 1300W 80+ GOLD

      Windows 7 64 bit with sp1

      AMD 15.7.1 driver.


      I'm not using the TV for sound. I use the on board sound card with a stereo speaker but since i installed the second graphics card there are weird annoying noises coming from the speaker. Any idea? Solution?

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          Problem is partly solved as i resetted the settings of GTA V. So the problem is somehow related to some setting in that game. Idk how it affects the whole system though...

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              It's partly solved means i only get sound from the TV. My headphones or speakers aren't working anymore. Thanks AMD for frying my on board sound card. This is the last time i'm buying your products.

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                  I don't see how a graphics card/s could ruin your audio hardware.


                  If you are not using the TV for sound, and rely on the integrated audio, try going to your device manager, look at your audio devices, and try disabling the HDMI audio it looks like this for me: ATI High Definition Audio Device.


                  And I repeat, disable it, not uninstall...disable.


                  I have had it disabled on my system for as long as I've had this rig...going on 6 years now, and have not had any issues with it disabled.


                  If it helps you, in the future, when updating drivers, go to a custom install, and deselect the HDMI audio driver, or else it will reinstall it.

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                      I did those whole day. Disabled, uninstalled, removed, installed again. And it also surprises me that i have this problem and i saw many people complaining about the same thing on the forums for years. Yeah it also amazes me how a graphic card causes this much trouble. I bought GTA V after months, and as the performance was too low just decided to add 1 more graphics card to the system. On the paper it looked like as easy as plug n play to me. I even didn't start playing the game after 1 day, dealing with these problems...


                      Edit: For speakers and headphones it says not plugged in by the way, if it gives a clue of what the problem may be...