multi-display 2D vs. 3D

Discussion created by amm on Sep 12, 2015


I want to know whether there exists such a technology, maybe even AMD Eyefinity, that is able to correctly display the game/application 3D content with respect to a 3D monitor layout. I mean, if you put 3 monitors in a 2D configuration, i.e. in the same plane, you get more resolution or a higher camera angle. Tilting the side monitors towards the viewer is technically incorrect display, although it's more convenient. This tilting implies 3D configuration, i.e. a "curved" surface. To make it even easier to understand, think about laying out 4 monitors in a surround configuration (not the nVidia surround) but... you know, surround.


What I'm talking about is there should be separate cameras (camera directions) for each monitor. So, when displaying a game, if you have 4 monitors in a closed surround loop, you effectively watch 4 directions: front, left, right and behind, with no fish-eye or other type of distortion.


So, is there such a technology? If not, then who would be the most appropriate entity to implement it, so we, the users, would benefit from this (ideally independently of the 3D application/game): AMD, DirectX, game designers, hardware manufacturers, other?