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ATI Radeon 4300/4500 series not recogniaing HDMI splitter

Question asked by phantomvision on Sep 10, 2015

Ok, so I have a Windows 7 PC, with an ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 series card. I can connect individually, the 3 TVs to the HDMI, along with using the DVI or VGA for my initial monitor, without issue, the problem comes when I connect the HDMI output from the computer, to the HDMI splitter (J-tech HDMI splitter). It will NOT recognize a secondary monitor.


I have attached the splitter to a laptop running Windows 8 & Windows 10, & had no issues. Attached it to a Macbook ruinning OSX Yosemetie, & a Mac Pro running OS 7 Lion, & had no issues there either. So the problem lay somewhere within the card to splitter communication. If there is any available help out there, I would greatly appreciate it. I am not ready to have to buy a new video card or anything like that. Every other computer I have tried, works, so the Windows 7/ATI Radeon HD/J-Tech Splitter combo, is causing issues somewhere along the line. Please help!