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AMD APP SDK v3.0 OpenCL SPIR precompiler

Question asked by bubu on Aug 28, 2015

I've downloaded and installed your recent AMD APP SDK v3.0 final release

However, I cannot find your offline SPIR precompiler ( your equivalent to the NVIDIA's nvcc.exe or Intel's IOCTL compiler tool ).


I see Khronos have clang SPIR 1.2 branch source codes here


KhronosGroup/SPIR at spir_12 · GitHub


but it's a nightmare to setup & compile it.


I could also create my own .exe and use clCompileProgram() with the "-x spir" option, but that's far from optimal.


I would really prefer to have a precompiler command line tool included in your SDK, as NVIDIA or Intel provide.

Also, I would like to see full integration into Visual Studio, so I won't even need to invoke manually the offline command line compiler.


On the other hand, I've installed your CPU backend and I see it does not support the cl_khr_spir ( not sure if it's really needed as it's probably included into the CL 2.0's core ).


So the big questions are:


1. How can I offline-compile SPIR kernels?

2. Do your GPU and CPU support SPIR? ( 1.2 or 2.0? )


oh and a small bug: I installed the SDK but I see no documents dir. I think it's very important to include the corresponding programming guides, references & optimization PDFs there.