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amd catalyst control reports high performance always

Question asked by johnbyerly on Aug 26, 2015



I have a custom application and I have noticed some unusual behavior with regard to graphics. I looked at the Catalyst Control Center in the Switchable Graphics section and my application wasn't listed, so I added it and kept the setting as Based On Power... When I started my application, one part of the main screen was missing. The part that was missing was a X-Y graphing control. If I changed the setting to Power Saving, the X-Y graphing control would appear when I launched the application. If I selected High Performance, it would be gone.


Even more puzzling to me is that the Monitor in the Catalyst Control Center always reports High Performance, even when I have Power Saving selected.


I think it is obvious that switching is occurring. I also think that my X-Y graphing control may need some work so it is supported on an AMD graphic card. But I don't understand why CCC is always reporting High Performance.


Any ideas?