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    r9 290x crashing


      Trying to figure out if my card is just biting the bullet. Or if i am doing something wrong? Currently running a sapphire r9 290x on windows 10 but i reverted back to window 7 in order to eliminate to remove that being the possibility. My card keeps making my computer crash this is especially frequent when i watch any videos such as YouTube or twitch. but when i run a stress test such as ful-mark or unigine i haven't gotten it to crash yet. I am using a after market gpu cooler. The Kraken g10 but has ran well for 6 months so don't understand why that would start now. I have force uninstalled the driver using the apu as my grafix driver while my card is not working properly. Any ideas for this problem or am i toast???

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          I have a similar problem malfunction video shown during the transition from the high level of energy consumption is low, for example after the test 3d video, the transition to the desktop appears noise bars on the picture and then blue tiles in groups, they could stop the driver and his recovery and maybe a black screen. ..or  death screen ... I suspect the power circuit ... but it looks like this factory marriage (bad decision contacting the chip and the substrate Krystal today is much more likely to fail ...

          Recently repaired my R9 290x, the guys in the shop was to warm up the chip... until the flight is normal... the Problem is still in the chip, the crystal hawaii xt has problems with the reliability of contacts between the substrate and the crystal... unfortunately there is a high probability of failure of the chip, I guess due to the lack of cooling or uneven, before the workshop I dismantled the cooling system and saw the fact of stratification of the factory thermal paste, maybe it was uneven cooling and thus thermal expansion was not uniform. what could be the cause of failure. Perhaps the manufacturer should or better quality thermal paste or develop a recommendation on replacement after a certain time.