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r9 290x crashing

Question asked by pixelmofo on Aug 24, 2015
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Trying to figure out if my card is just biting the bullet. Or if i am doing something wrong? Currently running a sapphire r9 290x on windows 10 but i reverted back to window 7 in order to eliminate to remove that being the possibility. My card keeps making my computer crash this is especially frequent when i watch any videos such as YouTube or twitch. but when i run a stress test such as ful-mark or unigine i haven't gotten it to crash yet. I am using a after market gpu cooler. The Kraken g10 but has ran well for 6 months so don't understand why that would start now. I have force uninstalled the driver using the apu as my grafix driver while my card is not working properly. Any ideas for this problem or am i toast???