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from catalyst 15.6 Beta and onward, massive tearing after 30 minutes use.

Question asked by planman on Aug 21, 2015
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I'm the proud owner of a 295X2


i run 3 screens in eyefinity 5760x1200 res.


All drivers I have installed later than 15.5 Beta gives me massive tearing across all three screens after aproximately 30-60 minutes of regular use.


screen tearing occurs when movement on the screen, not when no movement.


starting something using 3d accelration and triggering gpu and mem freq at that time, removes the tearing while it is running.

ie. starting a youtube video will make the tearing stop, but stopping it brings it back.


changing some settings in the CCC, that causes a "reset" of the screens (disabeling and enabeling eyefinity, or enabeling GPU up-scaling) solves the issue for another 30-60 minutes.


issue occurs both in windows 8.1 and after an upgrade to windows 10.


used DDU to uninstall driver, no effect.


updated BIOS and chipset drivers, same result.


what did you guys change from 15.5 to 15.6 that can cause this?


Issue remains in latest driver as well (15.7.1).