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The 15.x drivers mess up Eyefinity without DisplayPort Adapters

Question asked by spyguy001 on Aug 18, 2015

I have 3x same Samsung monitors, connected to my stock R9 290 via 2xDvi and 1xHDMI. These work perfectly fine with Catalyst 13.1, and all three monitors are on and in an Eyefinity display group. However, upgrading to newer drivers messes that up. Then windows and CCC is unable to detect my third monitor. I can jostle the cables around a bit and temporarily somehow make the third monitor work, but then it goes back to only two of them working with a restart or any other wire-jostling.


This is a problem because i can't upgrade to Windows 10 due to it upgrading my drivers automatically and because this issue has been going on for so long now without being fixed. Has anyone fixed this by themselves? Or must we wait for AMD to get it together themselves?