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windows 10+ 15.7.1 driver lower FPS

Question asked by pcullinan88 on Aug 14, 2015
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First off I like to give you my computer specs


FX 8350@4.2Ghz

Corsair H80i water cooler

MSI 970 Gaming AM3+ (motherboard)

G.Skill Sniper 1866 8GB(4gbx2)

XFX R9 280x 3GB OC black edition(TDBD)

Corsair AX760w PSU


I upgraded to windows 10 pro 64 from windows 7 pro 64 Monday Aug 10th. this is when I noticed my 3dmark score suffer 800ish points on Firestrike as well as most games a drop in FPS. Games are still very playable but I was under the impression windows 10 it self was going to be an upgrade in performance and even more so when games start to use dx12. I have reformatted windows and wiped both my SSD and HDD made a boot disc for windows 10. I have cleared cmos and I have made sure my CPU cores aren't parked. Made sure every power setting is High performance. went into ccc and put my power limit to +20. Any idea what the deal is???


Benchmarks now. (windows 10 amd 15.7.1 driver)          

-Elder Scroll Online 50ish FPS Ultra 1080p

-Far Cry 4 38ish FPS Ultra 1080p

-3dmark Firestrike 6351


Benchmarks (windows 7 amd 15.7 driver)

-Elder Scrolls Online 80ish FPS Ultra 1080p

-Far Cry 4 50ish FPS Ultra 1080p

-3dmark Firestrike 7269 (my video card does have a slight OC on this run but my score was pretty similar without the OC, I cant find my of my other runs)